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Vortix is diversified collection of forward-thinking companies specializing in financial, freight, and logistical services. From capital market trading to international transactions, our services are expansive and groundbreaking. It only makes sense that our team follows suit - and that we encourage a culture of strong compliance, cutting edge technology, and forward growth.


It’s been ten years since we launched Vortix from a crazy idea to an amazing reality. While our adventures have covered much ground, it is just the beginning. Our mission to empower and provide efficiencies to employees, clients, partners, and our companies through the Vortix Group — have accomplished much, and it is far from over. We have barely seen the tip of the iceberg.

Vortix has been building and laying the groundwork for the last decade. Our success has been the ability to listen, adapt, challenge and evolve. We have stayed focused on laying the foundation for our next 10 years in the financial, transportation, and technology industries.



Vortix provides a singular platform to solve financial, freight, and logistical issues tailored to our clients’ needs and expectations.

FX Trading.

Through our excellent customer service, cutting-edge technology, and deep liquidity we are able to execute your FX requirements at highly competitive rates.

FX Trading

Execution and


Currency Processing 






Financial Services.

Through an intuitive platform, we provide high tech financial services embedded with strong compliance tools for tailored and transparent solutions.

Logistic Services.

Travalex specializes in securely transporting banknotes, coins, checks, high end electronics, rare earth minerals and other high value materials throughout North America.

Technology Services.

Synergy is a customizable platform that offers clients electronic access to all Vortix's products and services.

Our Team.





Our culture of ethics is one of the main pillars of VORTIX's operations and reflects the values, practices and policies that shape the choices and guide the way VORTIX relates to stakeholders and our communities.

VORTIX’s ethical principles, sound corporate governance and the professional ethics of our team members, always guides all our actions as a group.


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